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About Ross

Ross Spano’s belief in limited government came at an early age, watching the negative effect the government had on his father’s small business.  After graduating law school, Ross started his own small business and felt those effects first hand.  He saw how much government red tape, over regulation, and high taxes held back entrepreneurs from expanding, creating more jobs, and supporting their family.

As a State Representative, Ross has been a consistent voice for the conservative principles of limited government, lower taxes and protecting life.  He has been a champion of small businesses and a leader in ending human trafficking in our state.

A loving husband and father of four, Ross is ready to continue his service now in Congress.  As your Congressman, he will continue to fight for conservative principles like ending illegal immigration, reining in out of control spending and rolling back government regulations. 

Ross and his wife Amie reside in Hillsborough County and are active members of Bell Shoals Baptist Church.